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Tommy Charles
United States
Current Residence: NC
I'm proud to announce the official Terminus Series Excerpts Contest!

This contest may work a bit differently from what you're used to. The goal here is to choose an excerpt from Thirst, book 1 of The Terminus Series, and create art from it in the style of your choice.

There are four excerpts that you can choose from:

1.  "Melissa Harding leaned over a cold gray rail, watching a blue whale float out of the water of San Francisco Bay. First, she saw its huge flute break the surface. The gray-blue flute bobbed for a

few seconds, like an enraged cobra. Then, all at once, the massive sea mammal's body was vertical above the ocean.In times less pregnant with fear and wonder, the sight of the majestic sea

beast would be cause for the crowd in and of itself. Now, as it rose toward its sinister new master, its majesty was overshadowed.A steady stream of water floated with it toward the gaping maw

of the ship that had been situated above the Pacific for nearly two months."

2. "The embers from Anatole's fire cast just enough light to make his eyes glow. All the better to remind her of his first visitation. Of his violations.

"I feel—"

"Bullshit." She squeezed the trigger the tiniest bit. Another bit of pressure would send a hail of bullets through him."

3.  "Far away on the ship, one of the embryos stirred in its translucent brown egg sac."

4.  "The man's eye shone dimly in the tiny crack between the wall and the door, a pale lance of moonlight striking it and making it gleam.

"What's your name?" she asked, forcing some sense of confidence into her voice.

"I don't know," the man whimpered. He sounded like he was crying. "You look good."

"Really?" She didn't know what else to say. What else she could say. He took a step into the room. He was holding a long butcher knife. Its blade glinted in the moonlight.

"Are you like a cake? Like, you know, you make pieces?" She closed her eyes, forced her breathing to slow as best as she could ."

You may also consider the book's blurb as an excerpt, and you can find it here:…



This contest will have two winners. Each winner will receive a 1 year Premium Membership.  


How to Enter:

Send a note with the subject "Contest Entry" with your intent to create an entry for the contest.

Upload your artwork to any category you like, but add this line to the description: "Entry for The Terminus Series Artwork Contest. This entry is for book 1, Thirst, by Tommy J. Charles. Thirst is

available in the Kindle bookstore now."

IMPORTANT: Also list the excerpt on which the work is based.

Send a new note with the URL of your artwork to me. List the subject as "Contest Entry - artwork."


What We are Looking For:

We are not concerned with accuracy, or resemblance to the characters in the book. We are looking for emotional depth and creativity. Read the excerpt, and then create the artwork that comes to

mind. That said, those who read the book and do create accurate depictions of characters certainly will not be penalized.



If you have read the book, and would like to suggest an excerpt for consideration, feel free to do so. However, wait to receive confirmation from me before you begin your entry.

I will be making the book available from Amazon for free one day within the next two weeks. This is so that those who are interested in getting character desciptions, etc, can do so. However, note

that the contest is NOT going to be judged on accuracy or resemblance to the characters.


Official Rules:

○Only 1 entry per person
○ All mediums are allowed
○Deadline is January 26, 2012 at 11:59:59 PM PDT
○Entrants must be 13 years or older as required by dA rules
○All entries to this contest must be created new for this contest


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